Awakening the Conscious Man

By Bianca & Michael Alexander

In our parents’ generation, being a “man” meant putting bread on the table, having all the answers, and never showing emotion. In this increasingly complex modern world, this can be a very limiting approach to living life.

Today, as women take their rightful place as equal leaders in society and the home, men are allowing themselves to awaken into more authentic, compassionate and multi-faceted versions of themselves. For some, this may mean embracing their inner chef, dressing with more panache or simply being more vulnerable in their relationships.

To help dad embrace more style in his life, watch our Conscious Father’s Day Gifts episode featuring the best mindfully cool guy gear, or help him tame his funky whiskers on our Healthy Beard Grooming episode. And sweeten him up with Vegan Man’s scrumptious Raw Strawberry Cheesecake that’s sure to please his palate.

If you’re still struggling with unresolved daddy issues, check out tools for Awakening Compassion in Spirituality & Health’s new Soul Body Connection special issue. By embracing your Hero’s Journey of healing old wounds, you can Raise Your Vibration and create the life you truly deserve.

Most important, consider giving yourself and the special dude in your life (e.g., dad, hubby, brother or boss) the best gift of all: permission to evolve into the complex, creative, sensitive beings your souls may be yearning to express.

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