7-Day No Whining Challenge

By Pam Levin

Have you tried it? The newest fitness challenge being offered ? There’s always a new 21 or 30 day fitness challenge offered by a health or nutritional product company. These types of challenges can be good for those of us who want to use the cohesive collaborative energy of teamwork along with your own will power to accomplish a fitness goal. They can be fun and make the challenge a little less intimidating and more motivating. Companies that sell fitness products and supplements love them as a marketing tool to engage their followers and sell more products. Its smart marketing and great for people who are ready to commit to making a physical or nutritional change.

Heck, the “challenge” idea is even used by non profit organizations to raise money for a particular cause (ALS ice bucket challenge of 2014). Again, it was a fun way to get people motivated and it helped the ALS association raise over $100 million according to Forbes. …not bad for folks agreeing to dump a bucket of ice cold water on themselves.

So now, I ask YOU, are you ready to take an emotional, mental and spiritual challenge: The NO WHINING challenge?  This challenge includes NO complaining, no b$#%ching, NO grumbling. This may be the toughest challenge you will ever consider…but the good news is, you don’t have to give your money to support it…only your intention.

Lets face it: we all whine from time to time. We all complain or voice our dissatisfaction, unhappiness, uneasiness, displeasure. But, if you find that you or your friends/family are WHINING a lot about EVERYthing, its time for change. Whining or complaining may be a way of expressing discontent, but it really doesn’t provide an avenue for change. Venting your dislikes, frustrations and setbacks can occasionally be cathartic, but when it overrides action and self growth, you may be in trouble. So if you have an angst, figure out a way to either change what you are dealing with OR move away from it physically and emotionally. You may not be able to control the situation which upset you, but you certainly can control how you RESPOND to it.

So how about committing to the NO WHINING challenge with me? Challenge yourself to NOT whine for 7 consecutive days. If you mess up and accidentally complain (about ANYthing) on any given day, you will still have more days to recover with a fresh NO Whining start. Forgive yourself if you do have an occasional whine or complaint. Start each day fresh with good intentions.

As a reminder, post 5-7 pieces of paper with the words, “NO WHINING” around your house. Just a glance at these will help to rid you of your whiney words. Heck, your kids, partner and friends may even want to participate in the challenge with you!

And once you have a little practice and begin to catch yourself whining, you can throw in a recovery curve ball and end with a positive actionable thought. For instance, when you arrive home at the end of the day and complain to your spouse that your workday was awful because two clients were unhappy and grumbling, you might add, “but I’ll be ready to jump back in tomorrow and give them the best of what I’ve got.” So your complaint now becomes a very positive actionable thought..good for both your listener and YOU! And whats even better?  It’s all so good for your health!

Are you ready to Not Whine, Not Complain, Not Bi#*%ch, Not Grumble for the next 7 days?

Challenge Your Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Self. That’s the wisdom of wellness.

You can do it!


About the Author:

Pamela Levin is founder and President of Create Amazing Health, LLC and the self branded website PassionatelyPam.com . She turns health upside down and on its side by fusing ancient holistic wellness disciplines with cutting edge health ideas. Her academic education includes schooling in engineering and business (MBA-University of Michigan) with additional training from the Deepak Chopra Center in Perfect Health. Her mission is to help others understand and participate in the changing paradigm of health and wellness. She is a thought leader, Huffington Post blogger, motivational speaker and catalyst for health change, determined to inspire others and make (being) healthy FUN! Connect with Pam on Facebook, Twitter, or Soundcloud.



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