Happy Home, Happy Family

Spending time with the family is important to almost everyone. Parents often find themselves short on time to spend with their kids. They’re so busy with work and household chores that they can’t find the time to read a bedtime story or play for half an hour. But spending time as a family doesn’t have to mean setting time aside every day for special bonding time. It can simply be part of your everyday routine. The way that your home is set up can have a significant impact on how conducive it is to creating a happy family who spends plenty of time together. If you want your home to be perfect for quality family time, try these design ideas.

Think About Your Family’s Needs

Before you decorate and furnish your home, think about the daily tasks and activities everyone in your family does. A home that looks good is all very well, but it’s no use if it doesn’t also serve as a functional space. By considering the things that you all need to do, you can create practical spaces where you can spend time together, even if you’re not doing the same thing. For example, perhaps you need to cook dinner while your kids do their homework. A breakfast table could be the perfect place for a homework station, so you can talk and help them with their work as you cook.

Don’t Have Too Many Adult-Only Areas

If you want your kids to feel like your home is as much theirs as it is yours, don’t ban them from lots of areas in the house. Similarly, don’t create rooms that are only functional for adults, with no purpose for children. You might want to keep your bedroom for yourself, but there’s no reason that other rooms can’t be for the whole family. There are lots of ways to make rooms more family-friendly, from chalk drawing boards in the kitchen to corner sofas in the lounge that everyone can sprawl out on.

Make Room for Kids

You don’t want your children hiding in their rooms all the time, and the best way to stop them doing that is to ensure they have their own space in common areas. You could have a drawing or games table in the living room, or perhaps a toy box and space to play in the corner. Don’t forget to consider your children’s interests – for example, create a cosy reading nook if they like to read.

Give Everyone Their Own Space

As much as spending time together is essential, it’s important for everyone to feel like they have their private space too. Everyone, even children, needs time to reflect on their day and process their thoughts and emotions. Happier individuals make for happier families, so you should try to give everyone their own space in the house. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone needs to have a separate bedroom, but they should be able to have a nook or a room to themselves when they need it.



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