Street Style: Honey and Velvet

By Kestrel Jenkins

Leanne Wei of Honey & Velvet ::

Leanne is a lover of the earth and the creator of Honey & Velvet, an organic food and lifestyle blog dedicated to health and wellness, colorful plant-based cooking and appreciating the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Leanne graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with degrees in Fashion Design and International Trade & Marketing with double minors in Art History and Asian Studies.

The stunning dress by Heidi Bischoff she's wearing holds a lot of meaning for Leanne ::

“This dress was hand-knit and hand-dyed through hours and hours of work. People don’t realize how much skill goes into making clothes. It’s an art. I have an inexplicable love for chunky knits and sweaters – and an even bigger love for anything handmade. There's just something so unique and special about handmade things that simply cannot be manufactured. In a world of mass production, it's quite rare to find a really special piece or garment that nobody else has. Soft, lightweight and delicate, what I adore about knitwear is the fun and creativity you can exude through colors, yarns and textures. Simply gorgeous and unconventionally beautiful, this is a pretty unique piece that I definitely wouldn't mind keeping if I ever get the chance to borrow it permanently in my wardrobe.”

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