Street Style: Hats Off to You

By Kestrel Jenkins

Jordan Dibb

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Jordan is one of those gems…one of those guys who has an aura about him. He’s very thoughtful, perceptive and ever-so-genuine. When it comes to clothing, and especially hats, he treasures what he wears. We loved hearing how he came to truly appreciate the history behind his toppers.

“I love hats. I’ve always worn hats since middle school, because way back when, I had this cool neighbor who was a rodeo cowboy dude and he had what he called his ‘lucky hat’ and I thought that was so cool. So, since then I’ve always had a lucky hat. When I find a hat that’s already been someone else’s lucky hat, or a hat that had been a part of them in some way, I think that is the coolest.”

Hat (an old Amcron hat that Jordan found at his girlfriend’s cabin; it was once her grandfather’s, and he now wears it while working on projects. It already has paint stains and wear, which makes it perfect for creative adventures!)
Undershirt (thrifted from Unique)
Pants (thrifted from Unique)
Button Up (thrifted from Goodwill in 2003; it’s an old 90s Sundance shirt that Jordan has been wearing since High School. He loves the color and design, but wears it sparingly as the fabric is old and thin and he wants it to last longer; he’s been wearing it over 10 years and still cherishes wearing it.)
Socks (gifted from his sister)

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