Year Round Garden Entertaining

Whatever your lifestyle demands, a garden is the perfect accompaniment to any home. Many people overlook the importance of the outside area and can let it fall into disrepair. It’s easy to do and not all of us have time to maintain one. However, even those with the busiest lifestyle can create a relaxing outdoor space. In fact, these are the ones who need that space the most. The garden is an area that can be uninterrupted by the troubles of day to day life.

Whether you’re a green fingered gardener or not, there are a few simple tips to improve your outdoor world. It all centers around the garden furniture. Without it, you can’t enjoy the space. Investing in garden furniture means you can sit outside and relax. It means you can invite people over and entertain. There’s nothing better than a garden party any time of year.

What do you want from the space?

Before you decide how to fill your garden, figure out how you will use it. Will it be a space you will use everyday? If so, you’ll take a different approach than if you only plan on using it once or twice a year. If you have lots of friends and will be regularly entertaining, it requires a very specific thought process. Creating a cosy spot for just you and your partner will be different again. This entire approach changes when you have children. You must then factor their needs into the garden.

Do you have a place for the furniture?

Simply placing a couple of chairs out on the lawn won’t help you out here! Ideally you need a patio or decking area to set out the table and chairs. This doesn’t have to be too expensive. There are many simple solutions here. Patio Living Perth’s decking is just one of these. Try to set this up in the area of your garden that gets the most sun or with the best views.

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Bring the inside out

Garden furniture doesn’t have to be cold, hard plastic seating. You can take soft furnishings outside. If you’ve got an old sofa, bring it out! So long as you can cover it up when it rains, there’s no problem. Your garden seating space must be comfortable and inviting. Make the most of your outdoor living. You can even bring other home comforts outside. For example, you could invest in an outdoor TV or sound system. When it's cold outside, a fire pit and s'mores or steamy dip in the jacuzzi can make the perfect night cap to a great event.  Keep it all covered with a good gazebo and there’s no reason you can’t bring the inside out.

Easy care and storage

Finally, just make sure that the furniture can be well maintained and stored easily. Sheds are a great option here. However, a large tarpaulin will act as a perfect rain resistant cover for your furniture. If you’ve invested in good quality furniture, you can even bring it inside and find a place for it in the home.

Furnishing the garden doesn’t need to be an expensive or laborious process. You’ll thank yourself for making the effort. An outdoor space to sit and forget the troubles of the day is worth every penny. Plus, you’ll add an extra room to the house.

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