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Table Setting is an art that may seem overly complicated. Whenever we would have formal dinners at our house, I would always go crazy trying to remember where every utensil needed to be. (If you’re confused, it’s always nice to have a guideline like the illustration below).  Anyway, I’ve long since ditched the purely formal type of table setting for an informal but equally impressive eco-chic setup geared towards beauty, simplicity and eco-consciousness.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about 10 Nature Inspired Table Settings Ideas and highlight various eco-friendly businesses that can help you make your lunch or dinner even more beautiful & successful! Let’s get started.

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1. Silver and Wood.  A mix of natural and farm-like elements with a touch of sophistication added by the silverware and crystal glassware. (photo source)

Farm to Table Setting by the sparrow and the crow via

2. Romantic Pizzazz. A delicate and elegant touch created by the pink and orange flowers combined with the rustic look of wooden chairs and table. (photo source)


Floral place settings & rustic tables by Meg Perotti via
3. Eco friendly Sophistication. The use of eco friendly tableware is deliciously combined with crystal glassware. (photo source)

Eco-Friendly Table Setting by Occasion via

4.  Recycling Fun. A fantastic table setting doesn’t need to be luxurious, but it can easily have a personal touch and a homey eco feel. This is one of my favorites. I love the recycled cans used as flower pots. (photo source)

Eco-Friendly Table Setting by project wedding via

5. Nordic Coziness. Simple elegant and sophisticated combinations of linen, burlap and wood. (photo source)

Nordic Table Setting by nordingarden via

6. Feminine Sweetness. The color combination of fuchsia, white and green is marvelous. In this table setting, a few flowers were added on the table to match the nature theme on the wall decoration and curtain. (photo source)

Oriental-style dining room by housetohome via

7. Festivity Farm. Fresh fruits, flowers and a wooden crates or box. What a fantastic way to make the table look so spring-inspired. I love the idea of giving your guests a gift to take home, like the soap bar on top of the plate wrapped in pretty pink and polka dots paper. (photo source)

Peonies, roses and bougainvillea by The Caketress via

8. Farm Minimalism. In this table setting, every element is so perfectly coordinated without going overboard on decorations. I love how a piece of rosemary leaf was layered over the utensils. It will definitely make the bread taste marvelous. (photo source)

Farm Table Setting NikkiMeyer via

9. “Poor” Elegance. There is a touch simplicity in this look that is just captivating. The use of a pale blue/green hydrangea highlights the floral designs on the plate even more. (photo source)

Rustic Table Setting via

10. Green is King. Have you noticed that even though the centrepiece is a lovely wooden candle holder, the greenery around it is still very prominent? It’s not always necessary to overdo it. Less is always more. (photo source)

Farm Table Setting via


If you need some ideas finding eco-friendly tableware, organic linens, biodegradable utensils and similar items to plan an awesome gathering check out companies like Susty Party, Eco PartyAmblekodi, Greenmunch and VerTerra.

And for more amazing eco-friendly companies around the world click here (Household Goods) and here (Party Materials).

And before signing off, a lovely quote:

The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of sustenance and nourishment, festivity, safety, and satisfaction. A person cooking is a person giving: Even the simplest food is a gift Laurie Colwin

Have fun and see you next time :)




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