How to Upcycle Vintage Dining Tables

By Oreeko

After visiting ‘Il Fontanaro’ (an organic farmhouse in Umbria, Italy reviewed here), I fell in love with farmhouse decor and started appreciating vintage and antique furnishings, the concept of slow living and the beauty of a simple lifestyle.

In this blog post I collected various pictures of what an old vintage table could look like if it’s recycled and refurbished. The tables don’t all come from eco-friendly homes. But hopefully I can give you some neat ideas on what you can do with a piece you may come across.

  1. Save it and Save
    By recycling an older table, you are preventing new waste materials from reaching landfills. You are also saving a lot of money compared to buying a brand new table. I call this ‘win-win’.
  2. Eclectic Accessorizing
    Look at the examples below: don’t you love the way each table has been accessorized with different industrial, rustic, modern or antique elements? Talk about versatility. It’s not necessary to have all furniture around the table in the same color. You can mix and match colors, textures and use different kinds of wood. By going a little eclectic you give a new life and a new personality to the table.
  3. Make it a Center Piece
    Notice in the photos how the tables are used as the center piece of the room. Although they’re prominent and have a lot of character, they’re still very neutral. This makes it easier for you to add or play around with accessories or other furniture that you already own.
  4. Paint It
    Depending on the mood of your home, try painting the table all white for a fresh new look. Or color only the legs an interesting color such as turquoise (or just the table top).

So, where can you find vintage tables? Check your local flea market, thrift shops, local newspaper (for garage sales) and even Ebay or Craiglist.




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