DIY: Recycled Side Table Ideas

By Oreeko

Time to replace that side table you bought years ago or just looking to buy a new one?

Consider recycling the one you already own in an original, creative way. Or alternatively, try an extreme eco-friendly look to bring some eco-chic in your rooms. The 5 examples I’ve gathered for you below prove that recycling can be  easy, fun and fast. Check them out!

1. The Tree Stump Side Table

A Beautiful Mess created an awesome studded stump table. By painting a tree stump and adding some studs, you can create a piece of furniture that looks super chic and is extremely eco-friendly (as long as you don’t chop a tree down to execute this idea!) If you don’t like the studs, try using old buttons, broken jewelry or broken pieces of glass – the possibilities are endless.



2.  The Repurposed Frame Side Table

You can go really wild with this idea presented by Better Homes and Gardens. Find a wide but peculiar frame and set it on an otherwise boring side table. Paint it your favorite color and you’ve instantly created a new piece of customized, memorable furniture. Try using a photo from a favorite holiday for an immediate conversation starter, or if it feels too cheesy, opt for a strong print or shape.

DIY Picture Frame Side Table via


3. The Vintage Record Side Table

In the past years, LP’s have come back in fashion. The Florishing Abode provides a fantastic idea to turn a record into home decor for lovers of all things vintage. I can see this side table in a grungy loft. Or add it to a luxurious environment to wind the drama down a bit. Even in this case, creating a new piece of recycled furniture is as simple as gluing the vinyl disc to a stand or to your already-existing side table… Use a black stand to go for a minimal look, or paint the stand white for a more distinctive, vintage feel. This will definitely be conversation piece for your guests. Just make sure you don’t use an original signed Beatles vinyl…

DIY record side table via


4. The Log Slice Table

In this DIY project, Seakettle leaves the tree log in its natural state. The details and colors of the wood are simply beautiful. Since the log is so rich in detail, I wouldn’t add too much decor on top. It’s best to leave it simple and exalt it with a book or a delicate rose.

DIY Log Slice Table  via


5. The Tray Chic Side Table

Again, Better Home and Gardens presents a great low-budget project. I think it’s ideal if you are renting for a short period and you don’t want to invest in more solid pieces. Find an adjustable-height stool that you attach to an oversized tray and voila – you have a side table!

DIY Tray Chic Side Table  via


As with any do-it-yourself project, always make sure that you are creating something simple, with class. Avoid the pitfall of cheesiness that you can easily fall into by using low-quality items. Apart from that, remember to have fun as you recycle to create something new.



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