Conscious Living TV Covers Carrotmob Chicago!

Want to put your spending dollars toward greening your community? Recently, Conscious Living and hundreds of Chicagoans did just that by shopping at the gourmet food store Fox & Obel! Fox and Obel was host to the Carrotmob, an organization of individuals who create excitement around a particular business in order to increase that business’ profits for one day. Proceeds of the profits from that day go toward making the business more energy efficient.

Any Carrotmob event can be thought of as a reverse boycott: Carrotmobbers take to the streets outside their chosen business and encourage pedestrians to shop at the business. With the aid of signs, t-shirts, coupons and—in the case of the Fox & Obel event—a massive, papier-mâché carrot, Carrotmobbers make their business of choice the place to be.

Fox & Obel will allocate fifty percent of its proceeds on the day of the Carrotmob to making the store more energy efficient. The store’s priority is to replace its current lighting with LED lighting. With the event bringing in $4,300, Fox & Obel now has $2,150 it can now use toward energy efficiency.

To learn more about the Carrotmob and learn about upcoming Carrotmob events in your area, go to For our coverage on the event, check out the Food page of Conscious Living TV!

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