Composting Basics: Infographic

By Elizabeth Stilwell

A few weeks ago I was inspired the first post in a series my friend Alden is writing about her new year's resolution to not compromise her values for a month. In it, she laid out the rules which included her intention to compost as much as possible. She linked to this article entitled, 100 Things You Can (and Should) Compost. I'm pretty new to composting and that article blew me away. I had no idea you could compost so many things! In an effort to streamline the process and educate myself, I drew a fun flowchart. I think it's easier to use than a list, so I also made it a printable size.

Now you can print it out (on recycled paper, of course), hang it on your fridge, and get to composting too! Download, save, and print it here or click the button below.

How to Compost from the note passer



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