Clean + Green Laundry Tips

By Linda Cobb for Healing Lifestyles and Spas

Linda Cobb, founder of Vaska, and the so-called Queen of Clean, debunks some of the pervasive myths about laundry… Read on for her tips for keeping your clothes looking their best!

· If the clothes are really dirty use more detergent

This is not a good idea; too much detergent doesn’t rinse out, attracts dirt and is hard on the fibers. Use the recommended amount per load.

· You should always use chlorine bleach for white clothes.

No. Chlorine bleach whitens and disinfects 100% cotton. For blends and colors, use an oxygen bleach.

· Washing in cold water doesn’t really get clothes clean.

Not True! Except for towels, underwear and socks, washing in cold water works well.

· Clothes shrink in the washer.

Clothes actually shrink in the dryer; avoid over drying or leaving them in the dryer and then drying for an extended period of time.

· Sorting clothes isn’t necessary.

Sorting clothes is necessary; don’t trust so called “color magnet” products. Wash whites, darks and colors separately.

· There is nothing I can do to fresh up the color in blue jeans once it fades.

Try washing your old jeans with new ones to add some color to the faded jeans.

· I need fabric softener to keep my towels soft.

No. Do not use a softener on towels as it coats the fiber and won’t dry you off well after your shower; it can also lead to an odor. Instead, try tossing a couple of clean tennis balls in the dryer with them and they will come out soft and absorbent. Use a good, natural laundry product that doesn’t leave chemicals in the fibers such as the Vaska Herbatergent™ ($9.99 for a 48 oz bottle/32 loads and $15.99 for a 96 oz bottle/64 loads).



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· Just washing with detergent should remove stains.

Always treat stains with a safe natural laundry spotter like the Vaska Spotoff ($9.59 for a 22 oz spray bottle)

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