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Summer season is here and many will enjoy swimming and relaxing by the pool. Who doesn’t love swimming especially during hot summer days, the refreshing feel of cool water is just amazing.

But do you know what is not amazing at all? The sticky, smelly and dry feel of chlorine in my skin and hair, the red eyes, and not to mention the terrible pain inside my ears and throat. These are just the immediate visible effects after a couple of hours in the pool.

Why is chlorine used in swimming pools?

Chlorine kills bacteria & germs and it controls algae in the pool water. (I’m sure it also controls all the urine that people freely share). Along with other chemicals it also keeps the walls and bottom of the pool clean.

What are some negative health effects on the body from the use of chlorine?

“Various studies have shown the terrifying effects of chlorine which include; lung irritation if they inhale fumes from over-chlorinated pools, reddens of the eyes, allergic reactions. Highly acidic pool water can erode dental enamel…” –
“Chlorine absorbs into your skin. Too much exposure to chlorine has been linked to major health problems including reproductive disorders, cancer and even birth defects. It can cause your skin and hair to dry out and over time too much exposure can even cause wrinkles.” –  the healthy home economist

What are natural swimming pool or ponds?

Natural pools are intended to be maintained without any chemicals and/or devices that would kill bacteria, microbes, animals, or plant life. The filtration, cleaning, and clarifying of bathing water takes place purely by hydraulic and biological processes. “All bathers should know that the water is not disinfected or sterilized by any chemical or mechanical means and that the vessel should be regarded as a swimming pool for considerations of health and safety.” – Bio Nova Natural Pools

Check out 10 great companies all over the world that have changed the way we experience swimming by providing greener and eco alternatives.

10 Natural Swimming Pool & Ponds around the Globe

10 Natural Swimming Pools & Ponds - Oreeko

1.  BioNova Natural Pools

Location: North American with dealers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia

2. BIOTOP Natural Pools  (featured image)

Location: Austria with dealers in U.S., Europe, Turkey, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

3. Natural Swim Ponds Australia

Location: Australia

4. Eco Pools Brasil

Location: Brasil

5. Woodhouse Natural Swimming Pools & Ponds

Location: UK

6. O2pools

Location: France

7. Biodesign Pools

Location: Italy

8. Clear Water Revival

Location: UK

9. Eco Pools

Location: South Africa

10. Gartenart Swimming Ponds

Location: UK

Organic farmhouses such as Fattoria San Martino and Il Fontanaro also use natural swimming pools.

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