Benefits of Artifical Grass Lawns

By Bianca Alexander

There's nothing more beautiful than a plush green lawn in the front yard, but caring for it can wreak havoc on the environment.

In order to maintain lush, weed-free, Disneyland perfect lawns, many of us are dumping huge quantities of chemical fertilizers which are dangerous to our health and contribute to global warming. In addition, the average summertime lawn owner can waste up to 200 gallons per person per day in potable water while billions across the world and many states in the U.S. suffer from drought. Unconscious lawn management also results in the decrease of native plants and animals, including honeybees and other food and flower pollinators. 

Fortunately, a better alternative is cropping up: xeriscaping, or landscaping with little to no environmental impact. One of the best ways to xeriscape is with the use of a non-toxic synthetic grass. Here are some environmental benefits of artificial grass to consider, as listed in the infographic below by the Synthetic Grass Warehouse

  • There is no water required to maintain turf, which is ideal for drought-stricken states (see infographic below).
  • No chemicals are required to maintain turf, which means nothing seeps into the water supply (see infographic below).
  • There is no mowing or trimming required, which means there is no gas needed to power those tools and no exhaust is emitted (see infographic below).
  • SGW personally doesn't use crumb rubber as landscape infill. Instead, they use temperature-regulated coated sand called "Durafill" instead, that causes no harm to the environment or to the body. 

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