4 Modern Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Is your kitchen a little outdated? Does it leave a lot to be desired? It sounds as if you need a modern kitchen makeover. If you’re the kind of person who likes shiny work surfaces and sociable seating, then a modern kitchen makeover is definitely for you. There are many different styles you can go for; country kitchens and shabby chic kitchens to name just a few. However, a modern kitchen is the sleekest and most impressive of them all. Here are some makeover ideas you can use:

The Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is possibly one of the most popular features when it comes to modern kitchens. They give extra space for preparing food, and they help the kitchen to be a bit more sociable and open plan in the mean time. You can have a kitchen island of any shape, but two of the most popular are circular and square.

Use Natural Materials

I just love the use of natural materials in kitchens. They look so fresh and clean, and really add to the modern vibe. They’re also a great alternative if you don’t want everything in your kitchen to be a shiny space age silver. Try slate on the floor and on your backsplash, wooden cabinets and drawers, and marble countertops. You can find cheaper alternatives to marble and wood that look just as good, like laminate. With a kitchen made from so much natural material, it might even be a good idea to incorporate a pattern using your backsplash and some unique tiles.


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Make it Shiny and New

If you do like the idea of a shiny, new kitchen then you have a number of options. Personally, I love the look that smooth, shiny cabinets have. They don’t quite have to be metal or reflective, as there are many options you can go for. Sometimes, even a table complete with a fresh tablecloth can look great in a shiny modern kitchen. See here for more info. I’ve even spotted kitchen floors tiled with patterned tiles, in neutral colors of course. If you like, you could include a splash of color with the help of a feature wall, but you know that neutral colors will never go out of style.

Playful but Contemporary

There’s no reason having a contemporary kitchen means you need to be boring. Include color if you know that you won’t get bored of it. I love the combination of mustard yellow, cream, and light distressed wood. Throw in some darker brown accents in the form of kitchen utensils and chairs, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Using color like this means you still allow your kitchen to be playful while keeping it clean and fresh. The perfect modern kitchen!

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, and is no longer just used for cooking. It’s used as a place to socialize, entertain, and even relax. Make sure yours is suitable by giving it one of the makeovers described here!

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