Using Hypnotherapy to Heal Phobias and Fears

Can Hypnotherapy Help People With Phobias and Fears?

For many people, having a phobia can have a life altering impact. Most of us deal with our phobias under the radar, but others are not so lucky. For patients who are tired of having their lives run by a phobia they cannot shake, it may be time for a new approach. Many studies have shown that hypnotherapy can have a very positive impact in helping people who are dealing with phobias and fears in their life.


Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder that results in a person feeling extremely and often irrationally afraid of situations, living creatures, places or other items. Those who are suffering from severe cases of phobia may find they are unable to live their life properly, because they are always worried about what may happen to them if they end up in specific situations.

Understanding the Impact of Phobias on Our Lives

When we think about phobias, we usually think about ones that are not such a big deal. For instance, someone may have a phobia of spiders, while another person may have a phobia of being in dark spaces. Those phobias do not seem so bad, especially if you can minimize those circumstances in your everyday life.

But there are other phobias that can take over a person’s life. For instance, if someone has a phobia of crowds, they may find it hard to leave the house on most days. Whether they have to go to work or run errands, their phobia means they may not be able to do any of those things.

Hypnosis and Phobias

The past few decades have taught us that mind persuasion and hypnotherapy can have a very positive impact on phobias, even in those who believe there is no hope for them getting over their fear. For instance, someone who has a severe phobia could be helped through direct suggestions or other hypnotic techniques.

One procedure that seems to have a positive impact is systematic desensitization. The goal is to provide the patient with full control over their fear or anxiety trigger. The goal is not to stop them being afraid altogether, but to give them better tools to manage that fear as they go about their day.

Mental Rehearsal

Another method that can help is providing the patients with a mental rehearsal technique they can use whether they are handling a difficult situation. These mental rehearsals mean the patient can go through certain exercises or steps in their mind to keep their emotions under check. It can be useful if the patent is in a triggering environment and they are feeling close to spiraling out of control.

Age Regress Patients

Some patients have a phobia that begins at a specific age. With age regress, the hypnotherapist can try to take the patient back to a time when they were not afraid of this object or living thing, or situation.

It can be very difficult for patients to overcome phobias, especially if they have been a part of their lives for decades. But hypnotherapy can help to eliminate or alleviate the phobia so the patient can go about their life normally.


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