Celebrating A Booze-Free New Year’s Eve!

How to Celebrate an Alcohol-Free Holiday Season

Let’s face it; nearly every holiday event is cause for libations.  New Year’s Eve kicks off the drinking season, with what seems like a million must drink holiday celebration days to get you to the next New Year’s Eve. It is one big hangover, and there you  have it!

I am surprised we do not have an International Hangover Day, celebrated on January 2nd, all over the globe when many people have fallen down and are  having  a tough time getting up. The greeting card shall read, “Happy Hangover Day!”

Fortunately, if you are one of the holiday partiers who feels  the need to get up, stand up; and get the alcohol out of your bloodstream, Mocktails are the answer.

There are places around the country where mixologists are shaking, stirring and blending up some great alcohol-free concoctions. We love these alcohol-free lifesavers: Mocktails.

A fabulous mixologist can fix you up with  a Mocktail that tastes delicious, is served  in  fabulous stemware, and is topped off with tasty garnish.

Rock your Mock!  We will give you tips on how to shake it up, blend in, stand out and celebrate the holiday season without doing it the hard way.

The whole fabulous trend developing in the Mocktail scene is a testament to a great mixologist’s expertise in constructing a drink with secret ingredients that mimic a real cocktail.

In fine restaurants and well-known drinking joints, experienced bartenders and mixologists are putting their expertise to work elevating Mocktails to the level sophisticated Mock Stars find satisfying! I’ve tried many and they’re intoxicating in their own way, without the morning blues, and I will be sharing them with you each month.

We’ve selected an original Mocktail from BOA on the Sunset Strip, to kick off the holiday season!  The Fire and Smoke Mocktail was created by Miss Mixologist Tara Shadzi.  The Fire and Smoke Mocktail is not too sweet and will complement the traditional holiday foods you will serve including your famous pies and desserts.

Watch Tara make the Fire and Smoke Mockail.  You may pause the video to reread the recipe and learn how Tara fires up the pineapple garnish if you want to make it at home.  The BOA Restaurant address and contact information are also included in the video if you wish to waltz into the BOA and order one from Tara!  Tell her Zoe and Conscious Living TV sent you! Cheers!

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