5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise Regularly

In some ways, it’s easier to stick to a diet than it is to stick to an exercise regime. Sticking to a diet can be as simple as just keeping a food diary, but that’s not enough for exercising. We talked to the experts and got came up with these 5 ways to stay motivated to exercise regularly.


Change Your Outlook

One of the first things you can do is stop thinking like a couch potato and start thinking like the athlete you want to be. It might sound difficult, but it’s easier than it seems. Don’t allow yourself to use your busy lifestyle as an excuse to not get out there and exercise. If you have kids, then think about how exercising will set a great example and help you live a long and healthy life together with them. Take some motivation from wherever you can find it, even in unhealthy people. There’s plenty of motivation out there, if you’re just willing to find it.


Set Goals

Nothing motivates you quite like having a goal set on the calendar like a 5K run. Register as early as you can and then commit to exercising to get in shape ready for the big day. It’s important to set realistic goals that have clearly defined milestones. Work on your goals and you’ll see how things start to fall into place for you. There’s no need to make the goal something like a 5K or a marathon either. It could get getting beach body ready or finding your way back into those jeans locked in your closet. What matters is that the goal is realistic and attainable.


Make a Schedule

Some dedicated exercisers will get to it before the sun is up or in the evening after putting the kids down for the night. Look through your schedule and try to find an hour each day that you can use to exercise. You’re bound to fail if you tell yourself that you’ll exercise when the kids are napping or when the last meeting is done. Something is bound to go wrong. Put together a schedule and move things around the hour you set for yourself like any important appointment you want to keep.


Variety is the Spice of Life

Humans, by their very nature, need variety to keep themselves motivated. We also must have fun, even if we’re doing something tough. So make sure you do both! Whether you’re changing up the trail you use or which muscle groups you exercise, you need to include a broad range of exercises into your routine. Include some activities that you actually enjoy doing and look forward to. Sometimes it can feel that you aren’t even exercising if you do it properly. Changing your workout also challenges your body and works out those muscles that you might have actually forgotten you have. Ladies in particular will want to try these glute exercises that work to tone and shape your butt.


Get Support from Others

It’s understandable you might have trouble asking for help, but you need to be encouraged by others to stick to your fitness plan. Find a friend or family member that wants to exercise and do it together. Giving up on exercise is easy when it’s just you, but no one wants to leave their friends hanging like that. Join an online community of people who can also help support you and keep you on track. There’s a lot of support to be found both offline and online. Don’t be afraid to take it.

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