3 Ways to Support Elderly Loved Ones During the Holidays

If you have some elderly relatives coming to stay at your home this Holiday, you might like to think about some of the things you can do to make their stay more enjoyable. The vast majority of people over the age of sixty have health complaints, and you must consider that when planning your activities. Nan and granddad are not going to be too happy if you expect them to walk around the shops for ten hours on December 27th when the sales begin. Don’t worry though, none of the things you should do will cost much money. However, they could make the older people in your family that little bit happier.

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Provide healthy food

Staying healthy during the holidays is very important. While it might be tempting to cook huge meals that contain lots of unhealthy ingredients, you need to think long and hard about the type of food you provide. Sure, your Christmas dinner should be fine because of the amount of vegetables on their plate. Just make sure you don’t cook too many sausage rolls for the buffet on Boxing day. Also, you’ll want to buy lots of fruit to ensure there is something good to eat for breakfast. Fruit contains many of the essential nutrients older people require.

Go for family walks

Depending on the medical conditions your relative suffer with, exercise might be tricky. However, there is no reason you shouldn’t arrange some short family walks so long as nobody has joint problems. Just twenty minutes strolling around a nearby nature reserve can work wonders. Not only will that help to make everyone a little bit more fit, but it will also give them some much needed fresh air. Ask in advance to see if anyone needs knee, hip or ankle supports and pick them up from your local specialist store or pharmacy. If things are too bad, you should look for a company that focuses on rehabilitation in Centennial, CO or wherever you might be.

Make sure you have their medication

Many older people have to take tablets and other medication on a daily basis. You must make sure they haven’t forgotten to bring anything essential before you get too comfy. Thankfully, most pharmacies can help you out if your relative has traveled a long distance. The last thing you want is a five-hour round trip to pick up something they didn’t pack. So long as you or the pharmacist can get hold of their prescription, you should be able to get the medication.

Presuming you manage to follow those simple tips, you should find that your elderly relatives have a fantastic time this Christmas. If anyone suffers from a very serious condition, it might be wise to consult their doctor beforehand to see if there are any extra measures you can take. At the end of the day, you want everyone to have a fantastic time over the holidays, right? The best way of doing that is to be prepared for any situation you might face.


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