Halloween Mocktail: The Vampire Delight

Ready for a fun, alcohol free way to enjoy Halloween? Then try this sweet recipe. The Vampire Delight is a spooktacular delight you can serve to any ghosts or ghouls!

  • Two cups of organic cranberry juice
  • Half-a-cup of organic apple juice
  • Quarter-cup of blood-red grenadine
  • Top with two cups of seltzer

Shake your Vampire Delight in your fabulous Mocktail shaker!  Add the ice first and give a quick shake!

Rim the edges of four low-ball glasses with blood-red-gel and pour in the Vampire delight if you dare.

Garnish with gummy vampire teeth and serve immediately! Alternatively, skip the gummy vampire teeth if you wish, but it’s a bloody shame to leave them out on Halloween!


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