Green Tea Matcha Dessert Bites

By Sara Strother

1 c soaked raw cashews
2 T raw agave or brown rice syrup
1 T matcha (pure green tea)
¼ c fine shredded coconut flakes, unsweetened

Drain the cashews and rinse a few times over. In a food processor add all the ingredients. When a thick paste has been formed roll into balls.

They are softer at room temperature but have richer, creamier flavor. Only keep refrigerated to store.



Known for her attention to detail, challenging practices and poetic integration of yoga philosophy, Sara provides students with a rich experience for growth physically and mentally. There is always an aim for movement in class; be it a pinnacle pose, working a key action, or contemplating a specific theme.  Check her out on or in Chicago at yogaview.  Sara has been a committed student to yoga since 1999.  She holds teaching certifications since 2004 and continually studies under Noah Maze of YogaMaze and local Iyengar teachers.  She’s a mother, a hiker, and a plant-based dynamo in the kitchen. Visit Sara at


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