8 Yummy Raw Vegan Holiday Desserts

8 Raw Vegan Holiday Desserts

By Bianca Alexander

For many of us, it just doesn’t feel like the holidays without cookies and sweets. But just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean we have to abandon a healthy diet. Gorging on traditional baked sweets made with dairy and gluten can not only lead to an unwelcome tummy ache, it can also cause inflammation, constipation and unnecessary weight gain. Instead, opting for vegan, raw, and dairy-free alternatives will satisfy that sweet tooth without busting your resolution to squeeze into those skinny jeans. Read on for 8  tasty raw, vegan and paleo holiday dessert recipes you’ll want to try:


1. Gingerbread Morsels

This Christmas or New Year’s Eve, surprise Santa and friends with a plate of these twists on a traditional treat – gingerbread morsels that won’t add to their waistline.


2. Choco-Truffles. Wow the foodies on your gift list with this decadent gourmet chocolate truffle recipe made with raw coconut butter and cacao. Watch Vegan Man make it fresh here.


3. No-Egg Eggnog. Toast the holidays and ring in the New Year with this creamy, no-dairy no-egg eggnog. After tasting Vegan Man’s recipe, you’ll never want to drink the bought stuff  again. Watch him make it here:


4. Vanilla Chia Pudding

You won’t think twice about figgy pudding once you indulge in this superfood packed version of an old holiday treat, rich with heart-healthy antioxidant chia seeds.


5. Chocolate Mousse. If you consider yourself a a die-hard chocolate fiend, you’ll go ga-ga over Vegan Man’s thick, creamy and chocolate-y mousse recipe, made with a special superfood ingredient you won’t guess.


6. Matcha Dessert Bites. Energize your yuletide festivities with these sweet green tea dessert bites made with the perfect balance of raw cashews, coconut flakes and a healthy dose of Japanese matcha tea.


7. Chocolate Brownies. Show the special elves in your life how much you love them with these nutty, chewy brownies – serve them square and plain or roll then dip in raw cacao nibs or coconut flakes for an extra dose of flair. Watch the recipe here.


8. Strawberry Cheesecake. Whether served by itself or topped with a sweet and tangy strawberry coulis, this scrumptious cashew-based raw vegan cheesecake recipe will make you wonder why you took so long to go vegan.




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