Eco-Luxe Gift Ideas

As a child, I fondly remember putting pen to paper to write what felt like the most exciting letter of the year: a “Dear Santa” letter, in which I mindfully delineated every item I hoped to see under the tree on Christmas morning. To keep me from getting carried away with fantasies for countless childish delights, Mom and Dad helped me manage my expectations, reminding me Santa could only deliver the top 10 items from my list – that is, if I had been “nice” enough the previous year. Apparently, the all-powerful Santa was too busy, or his sleigh too small to handle bigger jobs, so I learned at an early age to focus my efforts on things I really wanted, that were one of a kind.

Whether you’re praying for something special this year under your Christmas tree, Menorah or Kinara (if you celebrate Hannukah or Kwanzaa), or looking to make someone else’s holiday shine a little brighter with a gift that’s conscious and unique, look no further. We’ve curated gifts for the top ten loved ones on our list, from from foodie to fashionista.

1. For the Hostess With the Mostest

Demonstrate impeccable home training at your next soirée by presenting the hospitable hostess with this set of one of a kind agate gem coasters from Hespera Jewelry Co. They add an elegant, organic splash of color to any room, and the range of available shades – from pink to blue – will give guests a little healing between sips of mocktails.

2. For the Fair Trade Eco-Fashionista

Do your part to clean up planet earth while helping your favorite fashionista build a more sustainable wardrobe. Get him or her started on the right foot with butter soft thermo-regulating t-shirts, leggings, and other foundations by Boodywear. They’re made from 100% organic bamboo in accordance with zero-waste fair trade practices, and naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static and of course biodegradable.

Once the foundations are set, outfit her in conscious couture like these stunning merino wool and alpaca knits by Voz, perfect for a wintry day outdoors or cozying up by the fire. Each is hand-loomed in Chile by indigenous Mapuche weavers who are paid a fair, living wage for their craftsmanship.

Accessorize the look with this simple piece de résistance, one of Hespera’s beautiful his or her gemfire rings. Masterfully carved from a single piece of magnificent stone, they add an extra dose of drama while healing your aura with the crystalline properties of quartz, amethyst, topaz or citrine.

3. For Sporty Spice

Help keep that sporty dare-devil on your list safe and eco-chic with this cool retro-styled hat from Thousand Helmets. It has comfortable, sweat free vegan leather straps made with the planet and animals in mind, and a simple, cutting edge design that allows for seamless ventilation. The best part: it’s constructed with a pop-top revealing a secret compartment where riders can lock their helmet directly to their bike to avoid theft.

For extra oomph, pair it with these vegetable tanned metallic kicks from vegan-favorite sneaker brand Veja and this biker chic ring from Tribe of Lambs, a non-profit that supports HIV positive children in India.

Help Sporty Spice stay happy hydrated on the go with a couple colorful BPA-free reusable water bottles by non-profit 50 Strong. They’re American made with a cold-insulating design, and come with inspirational messages like “Be Happy” ”Think Positive” and “Enjoy Every Moment”. Each time your loved one breaks a sweat, they’ll think of you.

4. For the Natural Beauty

True beauty shines from the inside out, so help little miss naturalista shine all year round with a subscription to LoveGoodly, a conscious gift box that will arrive on her doorstep every other month chock full of retail-size natural beauty products she’s been dying to try. Worried about personal care products full of chemicals like sulfates, phosphates, and parabens? Cares be gone, because Lovegoodly uses 12 different eco-labels to hand pick products that are organic, vegan and toxin-free, like this month’s box curated by eco-chic celeb Emily Deschanel, featuring fab natural skin care and lip gloss, nail polish, and even a healthy snack with a little extra boom chicka pop. Even better? A portion of proceeds from each box are donated to animal rights protector Farm Sanctuary.

5. For the Yogi

There’s nothing worse than sliding in down dog or slipping mercilessly when transitioning into Warrior 2, so be sure the yogi on your list sticks their favorite pose with one of these luxurious non-slip combo mat/towels from Yoga Design Lab. Manufactured from natural PVC-free biodegradable tree rubber with an absorbent top layer featuring vivid pop art designs made with eco-friendly water-based inks, they’re perfect for gripping sweaty mats during hot Bikram, Ashtanga, or Vinyasa flow classes. Fortunately, these vibrant masterpieces are also machine washable, so the only funk in your loved one’s practice will be the instructor’s hip-hop yoga playlist.’s a gift that keeps giving back: $1 from every purchase supports Urban Youth Yoga Programs.

After class, help yogi wind down or meditate by burning one of these toxin-free soy candles by 125 Collection via Artists & Fleas. Hand-poured in Brooklyn with high quality oils and clever messages like “Trust Your Dopeness”, “Good Vibes Only” and “Eat Glitter for Breakfast and Shine All Day” they’ll inspire her to laugh, create or just relax whenever she needs to chill.

6. For Him

We all love a well-grown beard, but just like the ladies, guys have bad hair days, too. Unfortunately, complaining to him about those stray, wire-hard wiskers will never put them in check. Instead give your hipster hubby, bro, or dad permission to pamper himself with Traditional Shaving Soap and Beard Oil from No Tox Life via Artists & Fleas. Made with all natural ingredients and infused with essential oils like eucalyptus, sage and bergamot, it’ll tame and condition flyaways while keeping his beard ever so soft and fluffy.

7. For the Health “Nut”/Foodie

Shameless plug disclaimer! For the foodie who wants to be healthier but can’t let go of those junky eating habits, order the Conscious Living 10 Day Detox. Both Chinese and Ayurvedic doctors recommend seasonal cleansing four times per year to fight chronic disease and inflammation, and to ensure longevity. With its gentle, effective herbal formula that includes both a parasite detox and a full-body cleanse, they can eliminate bloating, crankiness and cravings in just ten short days. Not convinced? Bonus: the detox comes with a 75-page book chock full of detox tips, healthy recipes and cooking videos to give them a jump-start on their New Year’s resolution.

8. For the Clean Freak

That clean freak on your list who nags you to disinfect your hands every five minutes will love a gift basket fill with all natural Dr. Bronner’s soap in an array of best selling scents like lavender and peppermint. Certified organic, fair trade and free of all harsh chemicals like sulfates, phosphates and a hundred other ingredients even you wouldn’t want absorbed into your largest organ – the skin – they can be used to for face, hair and body, or when diluted, kitchen, laundry and bathroom too. While she’s in the loo, she can read all the cool hippie “All One – or None” mantras on the outside of the bottle, which have made Dr. Bronner’s a virtual cult-classic for conscious consumers.

9. For the Divine Gypsy

That conscious nomad you can never seem to pin down will appreciate the utility of these all-purpose fast-drying towels from Nomadix, made from 100% recycled bottles. They pack small and light but are super absorbent, so they’re perfect for people on the go who love to camp, practice yoga, or swim on the fly.

10. For the Dreamer

Help the visionary on your list jump-start their most important goals in 2017 with a holistic Inner Guide Planner filled with divine inspiration and guided self-reflection practices that help clarify goals and bring them into manifestation. Instead of just planning days, this book will help them plan their lives. Through guided self-reflection practices, users develop the increased self-awareness needed to source their own personal guidance from within. Designed by life coaches with a holistic menu of features and a choice of five sturdy, luxurious silk-laminate covers, the planner provides the support structure for effective time management that can help your loved one transform their dreams into reality.

While you’re shopping for your loved ones, don’t forget to take care of Santa’s elves (including you). And ultimately, how you decide to show your holiday love doesn’t really matter. Material tchotchke’s are fun, but let’s face it, things can’t buy happiness! After all, the most beautiful gift you can give yourself or anyone else you care about is your unconditional love, sincerity and kindness – all of which are free and don’t need to be gift wrapped. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

I think even Santa would agree.

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